Yoga Store

Yoga Store

True FitnessYoga — it’s about finding balance, flow and the natural alignment of the body, mind and spirit. Your yoga is as pure, natural and harmonious as your intentions when you practice using yoga products from the Eco Yoga Store.

At the Eco Yoga Store we firmly believe that yoga can transform lives for the better. When you buy online we know it’s essential you’re given all the relevant information about the product and what ecological properties it has so you can make an informed choice. We hope you’ll find all the information you need in our site so you can select the yoga gear that offers you optimal support for your practice and fits with your ethical stance on protecting the environment.

We do not just sell yoga products in Australia and New Zealand, we use them! This puts us in the unique position of understanding what you need and want. We will only stock mats, props, bags, yoga clothing and jewellery that we would use or wear ourselves.

At the Yoga Store, we offer only the finest eco-conscious yoga products and accessories available anywhere on the planet. You wouldn’t want it any other way. That’s why we’re here — so you can be in harmony with nature.
Yoga workout clothes available online. Yoga requires many different positions, so it’s important that your fitness clothes are as flexible as possible and allow your skin to breathe. Yoga trousers and tops need to be both comfortable and lightweight, and here at Wellicious we can provide women’s yoga clothing that is stylish, feminine, durable, and eco-friendly.
When you’re sweating and stretching in the studio, what you have on your body is the last thing you want to worry about. Clothes that are too thick, don’t breathe, stick to you, or raise your body temperature can force your mind to wander instead of being present in the moment. Being comfortable and able to move freely is an important part of a successful and relaxing yoga session. Because of that, YogaOutlet is committed to selling clothing that is not only comfortable, but sleek and stylish, as well. Breathable pants and tops keep you moving the way you want while tanks and shorts keep you cool. For our female yogis, supportive sports bras offer a stylish way to stay stable, while jackets and wraps and skirts and dresses give you a fashionable way to go from studio to street.